Urban Home Design 二本設計家

“always appreciate the beauty of design"

Welcome to Urban Home Design

At Urban Home Design, we redefine the concept of living by seamlessly blending elegance and innovation. With our extensive experience in the renovation and interior design industry, we have established ourselves as a prominent name in top-tier interior design services in Singapore. Our passion lies in transforming spaces into unique environments that reflect our commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. Each project is a journey towards perfection, showcasing our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to quality. Join us in crafting spaces that exude both cosiness and aesthetics.

Singapore's Premier Renovation and Interior Design Firm

Urban Home Design leads the industry in interior design in Singapore, renowned for delivering exceptional services and expertise in turning concepts into reality. We have garnered a reputation as the most innovative and sophisticated firm in the field, evident in our portfolio that highlights a diverse array of stunning transformations. Our credibility and effectiveness in interior design in Singapore are underscored by our certifications, including being HDB registered, BCA registered, and possessing a BCA license as a general builder.

Our Team of Interior Designers

‘Timeless Resilience’ is not just a catchphrase at Urban Home Design; it’s our standard of excellence. Our designs are timeless in terms of both elegance and robustness. Our interior design firms in Singapore aim to create spaces that thrive by combining modern technology and classic design elements. Because we are committed to using excellent resources and craftsmanship, our designs appear classic and durable for a long time.

Our Timeless Resilience: A Testament to Our Quality

Our team, which consists of creative, skilled, and dedicated interior designers, is the foundation of Urban Home Design. Our designs are not only visually beautiful but also functional and sustainable since every team member offers an exclusive blend of creativity and experience. In close collaboration with our clients for home renovation in Singapore, we create design spaces that authentically embody their individuality and way of life.

Excellence in Residential and Commercial Designs

Urban Home Design is a master at creating personalised design solutions that meet the demands of each customer in both residential and business settings. Our designs speak volumes about our adaptability and ability to produce excellence in every project, whether it’s a cosy and comfortable residence or a buzzing corporate environment. If you search for “interior design near me” you will find our services as the most recommended. Put your trust in us to turn your area into a practical and artistic beauty.