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Welcome to Urban Home Design Pte Ltd, the go-to destination in Singapore for innovative and customised HDB resale interior design and remodelling solutions. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in transforming HDB apartments into vibrant, functional, and aesthetically pleasing homes. We ensure that each HDB resale renovation project reflects your unique style and meets your objectives, as we are dedicated to delivering quality and client satisfaction.

Why Choose Urban Home Design for Your HDB Renovation in Singapore?

Urban Home Design stands out as the leader in the competitive HDB renovation industry for several compelling reasons:

Years of Experience and Expertise

Our extensive knowledge of HDB-specific designs enables us to offer sensible, stylish, and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique architecture of HDB apartments. We ensure a seamless HDB renovation in Singapore by understanding the complexity of HDB regulations.

Personalisation According to Your Dream

Our team consists of skilled and creative interior designers adept at blending functionality with beauty. Prioritizing a deep understanding of your goals and lifestyle, we design spaces that are not only exquisite but also align with your style. Our diverse portfolio showcases a range of successful projects, highlighting our commitment to personalized quality and creativity.

Smooth Project Management

We emphasize open communication and thorough planning. Our process is designed to keep you informed and engaged throughout the entire HDB resale renovation, from initial consultation to final details. Our systematic approach to project management ensures timely completion without compromising quality. We also offer reasonable prices to maximize your investment, and our maintenance and after-sales support services underscore our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction.

Certification that Shows Our Reliability

Our prestigious qualifications demonstrate our reliability and expertise as a leading HDB interior designer in Singapore. These include holding a BCA license as a general builder, being an HDB-registered company, and being a registered contractor with the BCA. These certifications serve as evidence of our dedication to quality work and compliance with the strictest industry standards.

Environment-Friendly Approach

Sustainability and excellence are intertwined at Urban Home Design. We advocate for eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions to contribute to a healthier future.


Urban Home Design ensures that your place is not only visually beautiful but also functional and complies with local regulations by combining creativity, competence, and awareness of HDB criteria uniquely.

The complexity of remodelling and choice of materials affect the price of an HDB resale interior design. We make sure you receive the most return on your investment with our clear pricing policies and tailored solutions that accommodate a range of spending limits.

Our team comprises competent HDB interior designers in Singapore with a wealth of HDB renovation knowledge. They approach each project with an abundance of creativity, understanding, and acute attention to detail.

Of course! Our expertise lies in crafting customised spaces that mirror your preferences and way of life. To make sure that every element of the design suits your tastes, our designers collaborate directly with you.