Urban Home Design 二本設計家


Chun Ning
Audrey - A Satisfied Outcome

It was my first time hiring an ID and I was lost on how to find a good and reliable one within my budget. Ken had been very enthusiastic on our home design since the first meeting and I was impressed by his AutoCAD skills! The use of autocad as part of the discussion process really helped us to visualise the layout easily. Ken and his team were open to multiple modifications as long as the stage of work

allows for it. The unfortunate part of our renovation process was that the Circuit Breaker has delayed the commencement by a few months. Despite the manpower shortage, Ken and Emma tired their best to prioritise our project and still managed to deliver quality outputs. I’m particularly impressed with the carpentry and tiling. The service after handover is also good and Ken arranged for rectification of defects promptly. If there are any pain points, it would be the abrupt resignation of the initial designer assigned to us and some of the instructions that were given were lost. On this, I’ve have to hand it to Emma who displayed excellent project management skills to minimise any inconveniences in the transition. All in all, I am a satisfied customer 🙂

Nicholas - A Fruitful Partnership!

Meeting Urban Home Design was really coincidental. I met Ken when he came down to do measurements for my previous place and we started chatting. Chai Hwa soon followed up with an email asking for more details like preferred style, if we had any furniture we wanted to bring over, number of people in the new house, etc. On the first meet, we were surprised to discover that Ken and Chai Hwa

had already drawn up the floorplan on AutoCAD and gave us some pretty good ideas. Although we were looking for a simple renovation due to a limited budget, the ideas that were mooted by Ken and Chai Hwa were so unique that we changed our minds. One such idea was the island/dining table combination that enabled us to sit the entire family together for meals. After more conversation, we decided to engage Urban Home Design for their ideas and ability to deliver their services at a price that was close to our budget.

What I liked about working with Chai Hwa was that she was very open to suggestions and ideas. She would carefully consider our suggestions and try her best to fulfill our requests. She would also give counter-suggestions but would not be pushy about it. Working with her was more of a partnership, which made the renovation experience this time a lot more fulfilling. Chai Hwa was also generous with her time, meeting us to shop for and to select furnishings. She was also contactable via Whatsapp easily, and we are grateful that she has been responsive and patient with our endless queries.

The renovation journey was not without its hiccups. However, I was glad that changes and rectifications were done smoothly and quickly. There was open communication throughout the renovation journey and we were kept updated on the works that were being carried out. In all, I was glad that we managed to complete the works before CNY 2021.

Now that I have moved in, Chai Hwa and Ken are still open and willing to make good any niggling issues that I’ve encountered. The entire journey, from conceptualisation to completion, took about 6 months, but it was an interesting and positive experience indeed.

Lam Weng Ngai - Very satisfied

The start of our project did not inspire confidence. The designer we had originally spoken with had left the company suddenly (right after we made the down payment—and we never found out why, till this day). Chai Hwa had inherited the design and project, and it was immediately apparent that the handover had not been as thorough as we would have hoped. We were very worried

that things would go bad.

But we were wrong.

Chai Hwa handled the project confidently and meticulously, and delivered all that we had hoped for from an ID company. Of course things were not perfect—there were minor slip-ups here and there. But on the whole, she managed our project very professionally. We were not easy clients. We didn’t have a clear idea of what we wanted and changed our minds quite a few times in the middle of the project. We were also often slow to reply texts and indecisive on certain matters. But I think that’s where Chai Hwa really proved herself—she took care of the project even when we were MIA, and accommodated our fickle mindedness as though she had seen them coming. Plus she worked really hard. Her messages revealed she was often thinking about our project late into the night.

A balanced review must state both strengths and weaknesses. So here’s the summary of these from our project:

+ Very flexible, accommodated lots of changes and indecision from us
+ Sound aesthetic advice, which was something we needed because of our lack of direction
+ Very responsive and helpful
+ Very good project management—I hardly had to ‘inspect’ anything. All changes I asked for were made almost instantly
+ Good workmanship
+ Managed to keep within budget despite all that we asked for

– Slightly bumpy start, not a very thorough handover from the first, outgoing designer (this led to one or two scares later in the project, but all problems were resolved ultimately:)
– Could have assisted in the purchase/selection of lights/bathroom appliances/etc a bit more (but in their defence, we didn’t ask)

TL;DR: Aside from a slightly bumpy start, our experience has been a very positive one on all fronts, and we strongly recommend Urban to those in a similar situation as us.

Chun Ning
YC - Wonderful Journey with Urban Home Design

We have gotten quotes from few IDs before we decided to meet with Xyden. It was a sincere and fruitful session with Xyden. He understood our requirements and limitations. He able to improve his proposed design on the spot. Hence we decided to go with Xyden. After the first site survey, Xyden able to improvise the design and iron up the details. Appreciate his prompt action to meet our timeline and


Even after the design was confirmed, Xyden always try to make the design better, e.g. he sourced a better floor trap without even any asking from us.

Vincent Han - Huge blessing to have this Dream Team for my first home

I'm glad we took our leap of faith and chose Urban's team - Ken and Chai Hwa for our renovation. After reviewing 4 different ID's designs, Ken captured our hearts with his professional attitude and idealism. Their client-centric approach was a breath of fresh air where they individualized their design according to our personal habits, preferences and budget. They were open to our feedback

and tried their best to encapsulate our vision of a new marital home in their designs and drawings.

With Chai Hwa at the helm of project management, there was minimal stress involved. She was there with us every step of the way from design to picking out furniture and lights. Communications was always clear and responsive. There was open dialogue and they updated us constantly – in fact, the only time I had to visit the house was nearing the end of renovation.

Workmanship was stellar. Minute details were well taken care of and there was hardly anything to remedy after handover. There were also instances when I was ready to overlook certain small details but Ken would spot it first and insist on rectifications until the work met his expectations (and at no cost to myself). It truly is a blessing to have such a responsible and professional ID.

A major point to highlight would be after work care. Chai Hwa and Ken kept in touch even after handover and were also there to give advice and help whereever they could. (e.g. when my branch sanitary pipes leaked, they even helped to get a plumber to help remedy the issue)

I’d definitely look for them again in the future if I had to reno again and highly recommend to anyone who is looking to renovate!

Chun Ning
May Lee - Dream home with great ideas and project management!

As a first-time home owner, we are glad to have chosen Urban Home Design as our ID. They impressed us during our first meeting as they were professional and came up with interesting ideas which caught our attention. The professionalism did not stop there, as they continued to impress us after we took the leap of faith to engage them. We were unsure of what exactly we want and had many

crazy ideas initially. What we love about Urban Home Design was their genuine interest in our ideas, and effort to make them happen. Even when the ideas were scrapped, Ken and Jerrold continued to surprise us with new ideas which we really love.

Aside from their creativity, Ken and Jerrold also managed their timeline really well, and communicated with us frequently to ensure we are happy. My husband and I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and would definitely recommend Ken and Jerrold from Urban Home Design to any homeowners who are looking for creative and professional IDs.

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Samuel Han JianChou - A Wonderful Home

Showing us the 3D design of our home with just our ideas through whatsapp. They are very responsive and helpful in all ways. Giving us ideas on our home and make my every corner of the home to be the highlights! Just feel so great when coming home. The IDs will be in the house during renovation. When I need some measurements or to check something, I can just text them and they will check it for me

without me going down.

Even after the renovation, if there is something wrong, they are still very responsive and will send people down to check as soon as possible.

I am very satisfied with the experience, service and design. I highly recommend it 🙂

Daren Li - Very satisfied

Very grateful to Chai Hwa and Ken for their commitment to ensuring we completed our renovation on schedule, especially as we strictly needed to move in by a certain date. Chai Hwa showed a lot of dedication throughout the project. Making sure that things were done properly and keeping us updated proactively. Very responsive to our questions too. Left the design part to my wife - but have to

say the final outcome is much better than I could have imagined. Workmanship is excellent and any minor issues were handled promptly. Really glad to have found this team.

Joanne Tan - Happy Partnership and Beautiful Home

As I was choosing an ID firm, I was looking to partner with someone that 1. Is committed 2. Has a positive attitude 3. Problem solvers 4. Are able to meet the timeline 5. Are backed up with a team of skilful and experienced workers (carpenters, tilers, painters etc) I am delighted that I have chosen Urban Home Design (after meeting 7 other ID firms). Ken and Justin were put in charge of the house renovation.

The renovation went through many challenges whether having issues with the house structures, meeting my aesthetic and functionality expectations, needing to hand over within short timeline (despite it was the busiest period and was a full reno), they took up all the challenges and never once told me “it can’t be done”.

Justin had shown high professionalism in his work. I specifically loved his “can do” attitude, very positive and worked closely with me to have all the tasks done in excellent ways.
Ken is a practical person; he had given me much valuable advice and had helped to save money by choosing other options which were more cost savings without compromising the quality.

Even though we had the hand over done 2.5 weeks ago they are still happy to fix any issues like scratched flooring due to house moving, dented cornice due to installation of new door etc, so their after reno service is good too.

Thank you Ken and Justin for putting in many late nights and extra effort to make my home so beautiful (everyone loved it too!)

Chun Ning
CS - On-time and meet budget but no compromise on the quality

On the first meet, Xyden showed us the preliminary design with 3D drawing. After some discussion and feedback, he updated the design on the spot and showed us the final "preliminary" design. At the end of the day, Xyden able to alter the design according to our tight budget and timeline. The final delivery looked far more grand than our tiny budget. 🙂 Furthermore, he went beyond his job responsibility

to provide additional help on others personal request such as installation of wall shelves. When something wrong with the washing machines, he came down the next day to help on the issue.

Chun Ning
Lili - Very happy with the final outcome & proud to call it our home

It’s great working with Chaihwa who is very accommodating to all our requests and she’s very responsible in making sure all things are in order. The whole design process is very effective n efficient too, Urban Home understands our preferences perfectly n make changes on the spot. Chaihwa and Ken has been very responsive and take every small details seriously, they never fail to give us good feedback

and advice when it comes to choosing furniture & decor pieces too.

The workmanship is very good as well and they responded very quickly even after renovation is done to follow up on our requests.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the collaboration and we are very happy with our new home 🙂 Thanks a lot Chaihwa and Ken!

YinYin Tan - Great project management. 100% will recommend!

We spoke to 5 different ID firms before deciding on Urban Home Design. They were the most well prepared for the first meeting - with an Autocad 3D drawing already done to make it easier for us to discuss our renovation vision. They had even done their research to find out where they could source a specific type of tile I wanted based on some initial pictures I had sent them. They were also the firm that gave

us the strongest sense of confidence that they could complete our renovation within the specific timeframe we had, despite the uncertainties due to COVID. This was very important to us, as we needed to be able to move in by a certain date.

It’s been a week since we’ve moved into our new place. We couldn’t be happier and have absolutely no regrets choosing Chai Hwa and Ken as our IDs. A few things to call out:
1) Chai Hwa has been a fantastic project manager from start to finish. Super responsive, any time and any day. She always paid attention to our requests and feedback and made sure to execute properly. She was on-site regularly to monitor the progress and make sure that the contractors did a good job. As with any project, there were little errors here and there – but she was always very quick to respond and find a resolution for us. She is patient and calm – really pleasant to work with her. Most importantly, she delivered our project right on schedule 🙂
2) Design-wise I already had a pretty strong sense of what I wanted. Chai Hwa and Ken were able to bring to life what I had in mind, at the same time improve on my ideas and give me good guidance to make sure that designs were ultimately practical for living. For example – I love that they suggested round edges for our some of our living room carpentry. We have a toddler at home so not only is it great for safety it also looks amazing.
3) I felt that Chai Hwa and Ken genuinely wanted the best for us. Towards the end our budget was tight and we decided to let go of a few minor aesthetic requirements. But Ken helped us with some discount because he said he wanted our place to look good. We really appreciated that.
4) Another big plus is that they don’t put a cap on how many changes we can make to the design. This flexibility was great because ultimately I did change my mind on a few things here and there. And it was nice that Chai Hwa was always willing to hear me out and also address the changes, without insisting that I stick to the original plan!
5) I liked their open and straightforward communication – they are upfront on what they can or cannot do. And won’t hesitate to share their opinions on what can work or cannot based on their experience and expertise. Yet I never felt they were giving excuses. I know they will try their best to meet my requirements.

All in all – I love my home. They have done so well in bringing my vision to life, and I will 100% recommend them to anyone. In fact I have already done so to some of my friends!

Nicholas - Trustworthy and Committed Team of Designers

Jerrold showed creativity and understanding of our requirements. Provided inputs without sounding pushy. Managed to stick to the budget. Updates on the renovation progress and answers to our queries are prompt as the Whatsapp group includes not just Jerrold but other IDs from Urban Home as well. In spite of covid, they managed to stick to the tight schedule of 10 weeks and delivered as promised.

The workmanship was good as well. Any defects found were rectified promptly. Kudos to Jerrold and the team. 🙂

Winnie Tan - Highly Committed & Professional; Excellent Carpentry And Creative Ideas

Overall it was a job well done all credits to Ken & Peiyin who had tirelessly worked through our demands such as keeping to our dream theme and tight timeline leading up to the day of house move. Despite the tight schedule, Ken and Peiyin were hands on and saw through the work done to ensure the contractor completed the work well. During the final inspection before the last day of our move in, there

were only a few touch ups required. Even so, these were rectified almost immediately after we moved in. We felt safe to have Ken & Peiyin managing the whole renovation process.

I would say the experience with Urban Home Design is quite a memorable one. I’ve shortlisted 3 IDs at the start but this firm stands out to be the extraordinary one:

1. Autocad 3D drawings that allows you to visualise your dream house even before commencement of renovation work); and
2. Duo team of IDs working on your project so you have a peace of mind that your project is well taken care of.

I will highly recommend Urban Home Design to my friends for their professionalism and good quality work.

Chun Ning
Chuning - Good & Reliable Firm

Among all the IDs that we have found, Urban Home Design was the only one that could fully understand what we were looking out for in our home. Both Ken and Peiyin gave us very interesting ideas to add on to the theme we wanted. They are always quick to reply to any of our queries and problems that we face. Our whole renovation process went on pretty smoothly thanks to their help. It was a good

decision to choose them as our ID for our renovation journey.

Brian Liaw Shao Pong - Great quality & trustworthy

It is a simple decision to appoint Urban Home as our ID. On our first meeting, Ken presented his design to us based on our requirements and has went the extra mile to show us a 3D layout on the proposed ID. He has looked into the small details and has “Wow” us in many aspects. Special thanks goes to Chai Hwa who has assisted us to manage the renovation. She has provided an attentive listening ear to

our various concerns and have addressed all of them in every way that she can. Even on late nights, she will get back to us as soon as she can. We wish to also thank both Ken & Chai Hwa for accommodating to our multiple changes to our ID design along the way. We are extremely happy with the quality and workmanship!

Qiyang Liang - Professional and on schedule delivery!

Ken and Peiyin have been very professional throughout the process. We were impressed during the discussion phase where all ideas were shown on 3D. Ken was also able to provide very good advice on the design and guided us along the way We had a very tight delivery. However, Ken and Peiyin were able to deliver the renovation on time and it is something that’s very important to us Ken and Peiyin

were also very responsive during the process and that’s critical given the tight timeline

Overall, we are satisfied with the work and it is good quality work for the price

I will definitely recommend Ken and team to people who are looking to renovate their houses.

Joelynn Lim - First Home

We started doing our online research on Interior Designers and chanced upon Urban Home. Before our first visit, they texted asking us to fill up on questionnaire which entails on our preferred concepts. When we went down for our first appt, they showed us a 3D design of our ideal home and we were wowed by it. During the reno process, they would check in on us and ask if we are comfortable with the slight

changes, etc. Even my family mentioned that their carpentry work is 100%!

Zhi Hao
Ang Zhihao - Excellent quality and great service

While auditioning for IDs, Urban Home stood out from the pack by showing us detailed computer drawings in both 2D and 3D of their proposed design in our very first meeting. This was in contrast to all the other firms where their designers drew roughly on paper and then proceeded to ask for a deposit before showing us any detailed drawings. Clearly, Urban was willing to go the extra mile and we knew

that we were in good hands with them.

As the design stage progressed, several design challenges emerged due to the nature of our project i.e. a very old resale, but Urban managed to spend the time with us to work these out and we felt that they were genuinely passionate about doing good work. In terms of materials, they also had the option to use engineered wood and real wood veneers for the cabinets, which wasn’t something that most of the other ID firms seemed to offer.

While Covid did disrupt the actual renovation works, the delay was acceptable and they promptly began works when workers were released from dorms again. Quality remained top notch and the project was largely completed on time.

Overall, it was a very good experience and I would highly recommend them.

Jun Wai - Reliable, efficient and good workmanship! Highly recommended!

After going through 4-5 IDs, we settled on Ken and his team as they stood out with a 3D drawing on the very first meet up! We were very impressed by their meticulous planning of the layout and design of our house despite the numerous requests/ideas we brought forth to them. Both my wife and I are quite picky about certain things and have different directions, but kudos to Ken & Emma for always trying to

find a compromise to appease both of us. When we had queries regarding certain parts of the house or design, Ken & Emma will always be quick to respond, making us feel very assured.

As with all renovation works, there are bound to be defects but Ken & Emma will quickly arrange for their guys to rectify it the very next day, very efficient! All in all, we are happy to have engaged them as our ID for our dream house and will definitely recommend it to our friends and family. Two thumbs up!

Leo Lai - Reno Work at Riverparc

Urban Home has been keeping up their promises of delivering the renovation work in 2 months time despite the difficulties of getting contractors during Circuit Breaker phase 2 period, bravo for the hard work and dedication of the team! Urban also providing us with a free upgrade of deco wall at balcony which really brighten up the living hall! Personally i like those customised carpentry works which really cater for specific needs and unique!

Eugene Toh - Professional & Trustworthy

This is my 2nd time engaging Urban Home Design. The first time was to engage Urban Home Design to renovate the most part of our HDB flat (living room, kitchen, master bedroom). However me and my wife felt we needed some more custom furniture in the study area bedroom as well as the kitchen and went to get several quotes. In the end, we felt Urban Home was still the choice. Despite it being a small

1 day renovation, Xiang Yi, still drew up the 3D drawings and gave us options to see which designs we were comfortable with, as well as reasonable pricing. Thank you again for improving our home!

Chun Ning
Dewi - Good & reliable design team

We decided to go with Urban Home after meeting up with a few IDs because they were able to show us the designs they have in mind based on our preferences on our first meetup. This gave us a good impression as we feel that they are more efficient compared to other companies where the usual practice was to place the deposit before they draw up the design for you. A bit of delay due to COVID, but overall

the renovation still kept to the timeline. Jerrold was our main designer while Ken was the ‘shifu’. They are able to propose design ideas while being receptive to our ideas and are responsive to our queries. Workmanship was great, where there are defects/less satisfactory areas, they always try their best to rectify and make sure that they are fixed.

Although Jerrold is new to the industry, he is sincere and communication with him was smooth. One small area of improvement we would suggest will be to provide more timely updates on the progress of the renovation. Overall, we are satisfied with the reno work, and we are loving our new home! Thank you Urban Home!

Beer Tan - Dream Realizer, Marriage Improver, Crazy Advocator, how else to review/praise?

Me and my wife had been dreaming of unlimited potentials for our house, with increasing ridiculous hopes and dreams to insert into a normal bto. After filtering through months of ID across Singapore, Ken convinced me that his company will not sacrifice creativity for my limited budget. True enough he went above and beyond to deliver our dream (dark) home while keeping us within budget sense! <3 We

wanted all kinda weird items, a dance art studio, hidden interrogation room, man cave that is not discoverable by others, fancy lights at a bar… basically in retrospect we might have been building a nightclub instead of a home. (ken even introduced a teppanyaki store into my house at one point, it was beautiful but ultimately was not taken up due to family member concerns).

If at this point reading you are confused if this is indeed just a HDB BTO reno review because you keep reading words that you don’t expect to see here, imagine Ken’s face when he has to hear all our crazy ideas 😛

ANW….during the journey of finalizing the design, i appreciate the timely response of his team to constantly let me feel assured during our panic attacks (first time owners beware, you will doubt yourself at every point if your suggestion will turn out ugly). More importantly as an Interior DESIGNER, his team wasn’t just an YES man and agreed to our every idea, they shot down ideas that would have looked horrible and explain gently to my fragile ego. (phew.. i can’t take emotional damage at all)

When actual renovation proceeded, I was rest assured that they were on top of the progress even though I spied on the work every single week. They tend to already have a response to questions I’ve yet asked. (Psychic much?). In the rare occasion when I found certain issues, I can hear Ken’s raging passion in demanding his sub-con to deliver only the best quality of work. I felt like an VIP whilst paying the commoner’s price, kept thinking if I will see an extra item on my final bill for VIP TREATMENT but no, it never came.

The budget remain as it was, only increase were items we added for preference. There was no last minute surprise to shock me into an eternal regret.

To Ken and Jerrold who headed my project, thanks for helping with not only building our ideal nightclub/BTO/Home?, it probably helped my marriage as well to have one less item to kill each other over. Your work goes beyond the basic 9am-6pm office job, it may even be as noble as a Doctor saving lives.

To dear readers who somehow read till this point, just go see our home project photos that is posted up on Urban Home Designs and you can tell it was a house full of ideas from two first time owners but no experience.


Chun Ning
Stefanie - Good workmanship

We met with 5 IDs through Qanvast and eventually decided to go with Ken & Emma of Urban Home. Urban Home stands out from the other IDs as they showed us a 3D drawing on our 1st meet up. We were able to visualise the design and layout of the house. They also provide practical advice on our requirements and work within our budget. Ken & Emma were quick in response to our queries and provided

suggestions promptly. Even though there were some defects after renovation, they were quick to rectify it. We are truly happy with the final outcome especially the outstanding carpentry workmanship.

Mr Kong

Urban Home Design was different from other IDs by providing a 3D drawing at our very 1st meeting. The 2D drawing at the 1st meeting was also a proper CAD drawing, not some hand drawn sketches. They also had good design and colour ideas and were upfront about things they do not do. They were helpful in pointing out which things would be cheaper for us to buy rather than have them make, like sock

holders. There were some hiccups during the works but they quickly provided solutions and solved the issues without delaying the handover. Very happy with the finished look of the house!

Chun Ning
Tng Seok Hieng - Fresh New Look!

I had sent a number of enquiries via Qanvast and Ken was the 1st to respond. He was friendly and approachable; he made the effort to understand our needs before our 1st meeting and at the 1st meeting, Ken was able to show us the mood board and took time to explain the renovation engagement process. During the design discussions, Ken was open to ideas and did his best to accommodate our

preferences, e.g. building a loft plus platform bed plus study table plus wardrobe for the children’s room which is quite small.
We are very happy with the renovation and are looking forward to enjoying our house with its fresh new look!

Rachelle Naka - Efficient and quality design and renovation service! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

So my husband and I are both in some form of creative industry and we can be pretty picky when it comes to design. No doubt we will envision our home to fit a certain standard. After the tedious process of reviewing many different IDs, we settled for Urban Home Design as they were very honest in their business practice without trying to oversell themselves. In our list of IDs, there were those who

gave really low price point and those who were very cookie cutter in their layout design. Urban Home Design made the cut because of the following factors:
– they seek to understand more about our family unit, lifestyle and needs to incorporate design elements into our living space
– they were very transparent about their pricing for all parts of their works, clearly stated with no bill shock
– they keep to the proposed budget
– despite the COVID situation, they were really efficient with coordinating and renovation works without compensating on their workmanship quality
– they were accommodating and open to our ideas, requests and changes and were able to advise based on their expertise on what is doable
– ensures that material choices meets the theme and are of quality despite the low budget

As with all renovation works, there will bound to be hiccups along the way. I’m very satisfied with the overall experience and service they had rendered to us. Will highly recommend them to family and friends in the future.

Keep up the great work Urban Home Design 🙂

Dominic - Really good design sense and easy to work with

Our renovation went really smoothly for our 4 room BTO despite work having been affected by the circuit breaker. When the renovation work started, the work was quick and there were no delays even with the restrictions that were in place due to COVID. Their follow up service after the renovation works were really quick and fuss free as we had some minor defects. They really understood the style we

were going for and even went out of the way to source for the type of glass we wanted. Out of all the designers we have approached, the team at Urban Home Design had the best design sense amongst the ones we had shortlisted. They were also accommodating to our requests and really helped in making our home feel like a home that suited our needs.

The team was easy to communicate with as they have created a WhatsApp group as an open channel to discuss the renovations.

The workmanship and carpentry is really good, and even though we used laminates, it felt like it was made with real wood veneers which was an integral part of our theme.

Budget wise, they worked within our initial budget and there wasn’t any surprise fees or payments. When we wanted to have additional things like covering up the air con piping, the team was really clear on the additional costs. This is really helpful as there wasn’t any case of bill shock when it came to the final payment.

Joey Kang - Will contact them again for future renovation needs

The minute we met Ken and his team, they were very professional and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding our renovation needs. Before the actual renovation work began, Ken walked us in very great detail, the procedures and steps required to both renovate and furnish our home. We were very assured whenever we bought furniture because we would just pass them the

dimensions and they would make appropriate recommendations.

On site, they were prompt and able to customise their contractor work to bring our vision to life and were also very efficient in addressing renovation defects.

The quality of the materials they used is great, and even after when we have moved in, their after-renovation service is top-notch as they patiently addressed the many queries we had/have.

As first-time homeowners, this was very much a relief and we would very strongly recommend Urban Home Design for all potential homeowners.

One small area for improvement is that we had hoped they would be able to provide a range of quality-of-life furnishings and fixtures for us to choose and install, though we understand that is not necessarily their core business.

Angel Evangeline - Wonderful Experience

We are really thankful to Jenny who put in so much effort to make a small living space so spacious and storage extensive! We had a very tight timeline about 1 month, but Jenny was very effective in planning the renovation process. Our first meeting with her was very impressive, as she did extensive research and even prepared a 3D model. Would highly recommend Urban design if you are looking for easy-

going, efficient and meticulous designers!

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Benjamin Wong - 5-star rating

First meeting with the team, and we were impressed. The team were well-prepared, and could rationalise on some of the ideas proposed. Ultimately, they were chosen cause we were comfortable with how they work (not pushy and genuinely want to help you with the design of the house) and the workmanship in their past jobs. During the renovation, the team were prompt in providing updates on

the situation.
While no jobs are perfect, the team were able to help rectify some of the changes immediately.

The best part of the job done were the kitchen cabinets design and carpentry.
Modern, user-friendly and impressive workmanship.

Overall, budget and timeline were adhered to.
You can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

Chu Ning
Yek Elaine - Highly Recommend!

We spoke to many IDs before meeting Xiangyi. Although they were a relatively new company as compared to the others whom we have met, we were convinced to sign up with them because Xiangyi gave us a really pleasant first experience - he was humble and patient. He took in our feedback / ideas and did not hard-sell his services / design ideas. We are really fussy with numbers and details. Xiangyi

took all our comments positively and tried his best to fulfil our requirements and work within our budget. What we really appreciate was his honesty – when we request for something impossible or impractical, he will explain it to us gently and show us why it has to be amended. He also has the initiative to come up with solutions and suggestions.
Xiangyi managed the renovation very responsibly and in a really proactive manner – we feel really reassured by him and just left it in his complete care. He was the one who regularly prompted and reminded us of things and plans. Without him, we would have lost our direction and focus.
Jenny joined us in the middle of our renovation journey – she has a really keen eye for styling, details and color-coordination.
Both Xiangyi and Jenny are really pleasant and enthusiastic individuals. It was an absolute delight working with them. We would definitely recommend them to our loved ones and friends or to anyone who is looking for an ID to work with.

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SC Yuan - Lovely!

I am a lucky home owner to have Xiang Yi as my interior designer. We communicated well, Xiang Yi took in my comments with open mind and went extra mile to make necessary changes to suit my needs. He gave me good suggestions and alternatives when I had difficulties making decisions. He will also make sure to let me know if my ideas are not practical. Now I am looking forward to returning

home to a tiny but lovely home every day!

PS: very good carpentry workmanship and curtains supplier : )

Chun Ning
Volynn - Good Workmanship and Patient Designers

We shortlisted a handful of ID companies and finally decided on Urban Home Design as we are impressed by their suggestions and their patience. They had taken extra steps to help us out on the spot at the choosing tiles day when we thought of changing the sanitary concept to bright and woody concept instead of what we had decided on. no regrets as the final outcome turned out to be almost

identical to their 3D layout. What we wanted (proposal on layout & theme) is what we see (on 3D proposal) is what we get (final product)! The final outcome of the house is cosy, bright, yet comfortable and stylish modern Scandinavian theme. A cosy and relaxed house that we looked forward to, coming home everyday.

Thank you Xiangyi and Jenny for the effort put in.
Greatly appreciated for the great work done!

Chun Ning
Jenny - Satisfied renovation

We had a very good experience working with Jenny and her team. I hv been making many changes along the way. Jenny was very accommodating and offered constructive suggestions, and has always been very responsive to my messages and calls and queries. As the timeline was tight, she personally came down to the site on a regular basis to ensure that things were on track. Truly appreciative of all her efforts!

David - Furniture Customization at The Warehouse Hotel

We used Ken for some of our furniture customization at The Warehouse hotel and we were really impressed by the good communication and workmanship that he had provided. We had a tight schedule and Ken was able to deliver within the time frame that was given to him. Now he is our official service provider for any sort of furniture maintenance at our Hotel. Very impressed. Keep up the good work Ken. Cheers.

Leslie Ho - A Job Well Done!

Wish to show our appreciation for the husband and wife team, Ken And emma. Both are very professional and creative in giving suggestions. Our renovation works started in April and completed in June 2019 was a pleasant experience. They were timely in meeting changes along the ways and sometime accommodating to our difficult requests. Both have good attitude and willing to make

changes when requested. My wife and I are happy to have a new home.

terrance - 4 Room Resale HDB

Jenny is a very responsive and nice designer. The whole design is very stylish especially the kitchen design. During the renovation, there are lots of ongoing changes and new ideas came out of my mind, and thanks to Jenny's planning everything was kept on track. Even minor stuff Jenny has taken care of very well. I really enjoy the appoint Urban Home Design to help designing my house and hope there is a chance next time.

Jenn Huipeng Ho - Superb job done, very satisfied

The renovation process was exciting as we had various in-depth discussions with Ken and Emma over the concept, colors, designs etc. They were very creative and proactive during the renovation process, and were very concerned about every aspect of the renovation. Also, what’s different between them and the other IDs we met is that Ken and Emma are not only concerned about aesthetics, they are

also particular about practicality of the designs, and would not hesitate to point out to us that certain designs would only be nice to look at, but not useful for us in the long run. Really appreciate their help, and would definitely engage them again if there’s another reno project for my family or friends.

Ben Ho - Great and impressive reno experience!

Through an additional request to Qanvast (out of the standard 5 IDs recommended) we were introduced to Urban Home Design. We were impressed with the the design team (Ken and Emma) in the first two meetings as the other IDs we met spent the first meeting just getting to know us and taking notes on our preferences despite requesting our floorplan beforehand. For Urban Home Design, Ken and

Emma had prepared a draft concept of their ideas on AutoCad and had home design opinions to share during the 1st meeting. In the follow up meeting, they were already prepared with the 3D model visualization of their concepts and ideas. The team was also non-pushy with their sales and even invited us down to an existing project they were doing to view their worksmanship. Price wise, they were reasonable with limited variations to the original quotation.

For the actual work done, Ken and Emma were professional and managed to get all the necessary approvals from HDB and PUB given that we required an additional toilet pan to be build within the existing wet area. There were some hiccups along the way but both Ken and Emma were helpful in providing solutions and ideas to overcome them. Both of them were always around to answer our queries and proposed recommendations on the household items to suit the design theme. They were also very patient with us providing us the freedom, whenever we wanted, to tweak the layout or design idea and to see it on the 3D model.

Overall, they gave us the assurance that the project would be managed well and there would not be any hidden costs. We had also recommended two other friends to work with New Urban Home Design and they were similarly impressed! Would strongly recommend New Urban Home Design to all looking to renovate their homes! 🙂

Zheng Zhang
William Tan - Good Service Provider And Very Creative

After meeting few IDs from Qanvast, we had finally decided to engage Urban Home Design as our IDs. They are unique in a way that they actually worked as a team where no other ID do so. With the aid of computer softwares, they help us visualise most of the renovation items. During renovation, they also provide complimentary service to help collect for some goods delivery which save us trouble from making

ourself available during working hours.

Chun Ning
Jennie Leong - A very satisfied customer

We decided on Urban Home Design after interviewing several other IDs. The reason was Ken and Emma were very pro-active and had a draft 3-D design ready even for our first meeting. We felt the commitment and customer focus during our first meeting. This was important as we are renovating our whole apartment. After signing the contract, our instinct was proven right as Urban Home was very

diligent in keeping to our design ideas. We did not spend a lot of energy in supervising the project as Ken and Emma were keeping us up to date on the progress.

In all , we were very happy to have worked with Ken and Emma. They were able to complete the project on time and able meet all our demands.

We would highly recommend Urban Home Design to other home owners who are looking for a good and reliable ID.

Kelvin Yap - 敬業樂業的設計師

我是新移民,來自台灣。在新加坡買了一間房子。通過 Qanvast,介紹了五間設計公司給我。前四間設計公司,我感到非常的失望。它們都是紙上談兵,只告知我他們的概念和看一些照片,太不專業了。沒有盡到做一個 ID的責任。直到我去 Urban Home Design。 第一次見面,就給我看3D的圖片。從3D的圖片訴說他的設計概念和裝修後的模樣。它們有很多 Idea我都很喜歡。整體風格都很前衛。時尚美觀結合得很完美。尊重顧客的偏好和帶來舒適感。他們的溝通方式


Kwong Yuan - Committed and capable, highly recommended

We engaged Ken & Emma after meeting couple other IDs that Qanvast has recommended. What stood out in the process was the openness demonstrated by Ken, who is always willing to consider our needs and explore ideas with us. Beyond the aesthetics, Ken and Emma provided very practical tips to choice of materials and designs as well. The whole renovation process went smoothly with regular

updates and we trusted Ken & Emma to deliver what was committed.

The final costing was close to the initial estimate and we were glad that everything went well and above our expectations.

Would highly recommend Urban Home!

Frances Lau - Good Service Provided With Unique Design

This is my first time doing house renovation despite I was handling a few company big renovation project. I searched Facebook and from friends recommendation for renovation IDs and booked an appointment with 3 different companies. But the moment meet up with Ken & Emma, their presentation of 3D drawing & detailed explanation make me decided to sign up with them ended up canceling the

rest of appointments.

Despite the rush here and there since I have only one fixed move in date due to my dad suddenly pass away after I get the house key. Ken & Emma managed to not only meet my expectations, but exceed it. During our discussion to finalize drawings n design they will provide a lot new & fresh ideas to make ur house unique design instead of follow people or market standards design. Both of them is very friendly, commitment and dedicated ID.

I was very satisfied and happy to see my resale flat become cost and comfortable dream home.

John - Home Renovations

We are very pleased with Ken & Jenny’s professional service in the renovation of our bedrooms. They are flexible & produce quality design at a reasonable cost. They are able to complete the renovation within the targeted time frame. They also kept us abreast with timely updates & photos of the renovation. As such, we will not hesitate to recommend Urban Home Design to our friends & relatives.

Chun Ning
Alekivee - Peace of mind

We first encounter Urban Home Design on Qanvast and their respond to my enquiry was almost immediate. My family and I have just moved from Hong Kong to Singapore and we were expecting our first new born. So everything needs to be on a specific deadline. In all our multiple meetings with Urban Home Design, we’ve been briefed in detail by Ken on the schedule, the works entail and what essential fittings

and appliances we have to scout and source first, so that the phases of works can be carried out in schedule. Both Ken and Emma guided us in our first-time journey step by step which we really appreciate.

Ken has also been extremely speedy and detail in his AutoCad & 3D drawing and addresses all the detail with us since our house is an old 38yr old resale HDB. This allow us to visualise the design and discuss all the anticipated challenges with old house. We have ambitious design plans and while the house has its own restrictions, Ken always explains to us how it can be adapted or modified to fit the design intent while working around the problems of the restrains of the old house. we are lucky we have found a very experience ID.

During renovation, as I am pregnant, Urban Design Home team has been responsive in updates of the progress and took videos of the state of renovations which greatly assured us on the progress and quality of work. During the handover, we have zero defect list to address which we’re grateful for, because we could move in immediately right after renovation is completed.

Post renovation, Urban Design Home also gladly responded to my needs on installing additional decorative lights, hanging mount and etc. We really appreciate their help and responsiveness to our additional needs.

Throughout the process, the team has been flexible, patient and helpful. They gave us the Peace of mind moving in to our first house.

Wu Junfeng - Amazing good start!

Urban Home Design was the first Qanvast ID firm that has reached out to us. During our first meetup, we had a good and fulfilling discussion. Ken and Emma diligently make sure that they wouldn't have our time gone down the drain and they gave us space and freedom to include our own elements of design into the making. Being a first-time house owner, they guided us the nitty-gritty stuff from

designing feedbacks to accessories and decor. Many of our friends praised that the renovation was well done and the house looks great. We really feel so much at home with every detail that makes it truly livable.

Most importantly, I think we were able to communicate and work well with each other throughout the whole process.

Thank you to the UHD Team!

Roger W - A happy Home Owner

We selected Urban Home after interviewing several IDs recommended by Qanvast. We were looking for a reliable company with good design ideas as we were planning to renovate every room of our new apartment. Further we have very tight timeline for completion, so a good ID with good sub-contractors, is of high importance to us. We found Ken & Emma to be very pro-active with ideas after listening to

our likes and dislikes. They were very accommodating with our request to changes in the design phase with active ideas for improvement.

In the selection of materials, they were patient offering valuable suggestions in terms of color matching.

All the coordination were left to Urban Home when it came to the renovation phase with us having to make very limited visits to the work site. Ken and Emma were constantly updating us with videos/ pictures of the different phases of the renovation.

We found that the workmanship of good quality, although some minor correction were needed. This we found Ken and Emma to be very professional and pro-active to rectify.

Overall, we would not hesitate to recommend Urban Home Design to anyone who is looking for a good and reliable ID to renovate their home.

Eugene Toh -Friendly, Insightful, Creative and Budget Friendly Interior Designer

My wife and I just gotten a resale flat and were actively looking for a Interior Designer to make our dream home come through. We got help from Qanvast platform to introduce us several IDs. We eventually shortlisted 2 from the 5 and it came down to price and comfort + chemistry with the IDs. We felt Urban Home Design, although they were the last to contact us, was fully prepared with 3D visuals and

space planning suggestions. Their ideas also closely match our wish of a cozy and Scandinavian theme. Another point which made us choose them was their carpentry workers are also based in Singapore and worked on reputable shops for generations. Furthermore Xiang Yi and Jenny along with their boss Ken were very approachable and friendly and not pushy of their ideas, instead brainstorming with us to ensure the perfect solution was found.

During renovations, I had already prepared myself for the hiccups, slip ups or misjudgments, but to my surprise there were few to none of these as they have already foreseen most of the critical portions. The only error which I can recall was the painting for one of the rooms was painted wrongly and it was due to the painter getting the wrong paint. Other than this the renovation process was quite smooth.

The final product was what we had wish for as we had participated actively in the design process. Special thanks to Jenny for the design of the bathroom, which we could not decide on when choosing tiles. And Xiang Yi for helping to collect our deliveries when we were busy at work.

Joelle David

My fiance and I had compared quite a few quotations before settling on Urban Home Design, because we really liked the professionalism, patience and helpfulness with which they offered their services. The very transparent process by which they discussed each material and each design helped to give us the assurance that we would be able to get a home designed exactly the way we wanted,

and of good quality. I especially appreciated how helpful they were – setting up a whatsapp group and replying us instantly whenever we had any queries or new ideas along the way. They listened to all our concerns, accommodated our numerous requests, and gave many practical suggestions about which ideas would work better, etc. This gave much more peace of mind throughout the whole process (which was very helpful given the wedding planning etc going on in the background).

Most importantly, we were really pleased with the final outcome, and also appreciated how they continued to help out with other things even after the case was closed and the handover had been completed.

David M.k - Professionalism, Creativity, Honesty and Great quality of Workmanship

We went online, created an account with Qanvast and found URBAN HOME DESIGN. We worked with Ken and Emma (our designers). Both of them are so professional, trustworthy and helpful that after our renovation was completed, we have become friends and I liked there services so much that I even used them for my Hotel renovation works as well. There office is so centrally located

which was so easy for us to visit them after work and they would stay back just to meet our schedule. It was a 2 months project and they finished everything within the time frame.

Before we started looking for an Interior designer, we prayed about it and we found URBAN HOME DESIGN. We are really glad that we found them, working with both Ken and Emma was great. They gave us a lot of genuine advice and our 2 months were a breeze. I would highly recommend them because of their professionalism, creativity, honesty and great quality of workmanship. Great work guys. Keep it up and thank you for helping us create our first Dream home.

Chun Ning
Michell -Trusted Professional Partner for ur Reno Journey

Why we chose Urban Home Design: (1) Requirements were well captured prior to first meetup. Ken & Emma did their “homework”/research and were even able to find photos of our resale unit (which we didn’t even have!) (2) Instead of a cookie cutter approach (which few other IDs did), Ken started from a blank design and worked patiently with us to explore new ideas based on our needs. He was open and

respectful of our views which sometimes may differ from the norm
(3) Ken was able to give us a better visualization of how our house would look like, as early as in our first meetup

Designing journey:
(1) Ken is very passionate about home design and makes the best partner to explore ideas together. We always look forward to meeting Ken & Emma because the designs simply get better each time we met as we bounced off ideas. Not all IDs are open to multiple changes to a design plan as it takes a lot of effort; some may be a little pushy for you to take their “usual design template” so that they can have an “easier job”
(2) Synergy between Ken and Emma was great; you get multiple perspectives from both of them and they are good at their respective roles to ensure a smooth designing and execution journey
(3) They are very honest and sincere; always trying to help us find ways to meet our budget even with our increasing demands
(4) Love that they keep us updated on the renovation process, with regular updates and photos in the group chat
(5) Ken and Emma conduct good quality checks during the renovation process and even rejected goods from other vendors which do not meet their expectations

Post renovation:
(1) House is clean and do not have strong renovation smell
(2) End result was exactly like the 3D designs. No nasty surprises as it’s very assuring that Ken’s drawings are very accurate
(3) Met few of the contractors/vendors that Ken/Emma engaged and when you see the sense of pride they have in building your home, you feel great too!

Overall a wonderful experience, especially if you are looking for an ID to partner you closely in every step of the renovation journey

Chun Ning
Chrystal Wang - A Right Choice

Finally had the chance to renovate my unit after years staying in, due to lack of time coordinating the renovation I had decided to appoint an ID to do the work for me. Had meet up with three IDs, they are all referred by friends and at the end I decided to work with Urban Home Design. They had impressed me the most among three during first appointment and subsequently they had been doing good

follow up work. The communication with them is also fluent and comfortable. They had shown their passion with their works and being very honest to me and help me to plan my budget in a more practically way, even before I sign up with them.

Chun Ning
Meng Hui - Pleasant & Worry-free renovation

Working with Urban Home Design had made our renovation process hassle free and enjoyable. They are group of IDs who are friendly & helpful, appreciated all the pro-active coordination done by them. During design, they help us to visualize how the design would look like and explained to us the pros and cons of different options for our consideration. It was fun where we get to involved in designing our own

house to suit our preference and yet practically fit to our lifestyle. The end product is not just aesthetically nice but also comfortably useful.

Xiu Qi
Xiu qi - Reliable and responsive

After meeting with 5 IDs assigned by Qanvast, I finally decided to place my bet on Urban Home. And I'm glad it has paid off well. Compared to the other companies, Urban Home was the most sincere and provided the best service I experienced. It was wonderful experience working with Urban Home as ID and project manager. Ken and his partners are very patient in addressing my queries and

always kept me updated on the reno progress. For someone with a busy schedule, this service is much much appreciated. There is no resistance from them to accept my quirky ideas. While he takes in those ideas, he also advises on practicality and recommends solutions to fulfill the wants of the owner. It made the whole design process a lot more enjoyable for me. On top of that, they also try their best to keep within my stipulated budget which is great. No complaints on the workmanship. Though I had relatively little rectifications, they still swiftly made arrangements for them to be done so I could move asap. After the smooth experience, I have already recommended them to several friends. Highly recommended!

Huang Wendy - Sumang Walk

From concept to completion, our designer - Ken is displaying great professionalism and providing excellent service. He will proactively discuss with us about the renovation design, willing to share his opinions and provide a better outcome. Ken will regularly updates us photo on renovation progress, therefore we are able trust him and fully let him handle our house. We also impressed with the

workmanship and he delivered the house to us on the appointed time. Thank you Urban Home Design for making our dream home a reality !

Melvin Chua Jie Ren - Great service by Ken

Ken is a very patient and detailed designer who works within our budget. not forgetting he recommends feasible and realistic ideas and do not over promise us. This is why we are able to fully trust him and let him handle our house. Even after we move in,he also ensure the house is in good condition and keep intouch with us. Even when we met some issues after renovation, Ken still provide us advice and

help us. Thank you for the professional service! 🙂

Alena Felicia Jin - Great service from designer ! 🙂

Our designer, Ken,is a very proactive and detailed person. He is also always very responsible and always give prompt replies. He will always be willingly to explain to us when we are in doubt. The workmanship of the works especially carpentary are very nice and impressive! 🙂 Most importantly, he is receptive to our feedback and able to work within our budget. He is also very creative and able to

provide us constructive suggestions and new ideas. Keep up the good work, Ken! 🙂